Training Programs

Looking for the best online fitness service for you? Here you can find the best online personal training programs that offer a variety of services and tools to help you lose weight, get in shape and build muscle.

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is a site that offers a broad selection of full-length video workouts for all types of routines. You will find kickboxing, fat-burning workouts, total body strength training, metabolism boosters, yoga, stretches and more.

Yoga with Adriene

Yogi master Adriene Mishler uses her instructional classes to help people live better in the comfort of their home. Her training program is said to help bring in better moods and often positivity for followers.

s3 is one of the top online fitness forerunners. This popular fitness blog is dedicated to fitness, beauty, weight loss, and love. You will find daily workouts with videos or detailed pictures. All of which can be done in the comfort of your home.


Another favorite fitness online training is Pop Sugar that offers everything you would want in a health blog. The website offers plenty of workouts broken down with instructions and pictures. You can also search their YouTube channel and enjoy a great variety of exercises led by some of the top trainers in the industry.


Behind the successful training of Barre3 is Sadie Lincoln, who is an experienced fitness instructor. She has created workouts based on traditional ballet styles of training that uses a bar. The unique workout perfectly combines pilates, yoga, bodyweight, dance and exercises.