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Here is what some of our Users have to say:

"Atlas Sports Genetics testing was very informative and the process was quite simple. Although, my daughter is only 9 she now knows that she had a the Sprint, Power, & Strength advantage which we can use to market her Athletic Career and hopefully a wonderful scholarship from this process.


Brad Marston ~ Bountiful, Utah "

Were you surprised by the results?

Not really, just had never thought about it.

Did you change any training, or exercise to accommodate your new found knowledge of test results?

Yes. The results have helped us immensely. We have changed his extra-curricular activities to be more in line with the test results. Not only does he enjoy it more because he is good at it but we have learned how to drain more of his energy so he can sit still during homework time.

Would you recommend this test to others?


Lori F., Spring, TX

When I placed my own order for the Atlas First genetic test, I received a test kit in the mail within a few days. The test was simple to understand and conduct, it involved using a cotton cheek swab, very much like a long Q-Tip, that you use to gently scrape the inside of your cheek. Then you simply drop the swabs into a plastic envelope that gets mailed back to Atlas Sports Genetics.

Two weeks later, I got my results back: I had the R577X variant in only one copy of the ACTN# gene, which means that I'm (at least genetically) best suited for sports/events requiring both endurance and sprint / power characteristics such as basketball, tennis, volleyball and cycling. These results confirmed my suspicions by the way, I've never noticed that I had superior abilities in either endurance or strength/power events, although I do have reasonably good capabilities in both of those categories.

--Charles S.

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