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Is it possible to develop a series of Performance Tests that could measure and predict athletic talent?

The answer is Yes.

Working with our consultant, Boyd Epley- Hall of Fame Strength Coach, we looked closely at the success Coach Epley developed at the University of Nebraska. Similar to the dilemma faced by most athletic programs, Coach Epley needed a mechanism that he could rely on to quickly and accurately measure an athlete's potential.

Through trials and combination of various test procedures, it was determined that (3) tests were the most accurate in determining athletic talent for speed/ power sports.

Vertical Jump - This is the single and best predictor of explosive power in both male and female athletes. Although it can be improved upon with strength training, its innate characteristics are something you were born with. Great Power athletes have Great Vertical Jump capacity. If done correctly, the vertical jump is an excellent test to compare explosive capabilities between and among athletes. We offer a variety of Vertical Jump Testing devices to fit every budget and use requirement.

10 yard or 10 Meter Dash - As the statement goes, "Short and Sweet". The 10 yard dash is the best predictor of speed and acceleration. Although the 40 yard dash is often considered the "gold standard" for speed testing, a closer look at the 10 yard dash reveals that it is a better indication of initial burst of explosive speed and is superior on avoiding injuries such as hamstring pulls. In addition, the 10 Yard dash can be performed indoors as well as outdoors and is not limited by needed deceleration spaces. In the past, the 10 Yard dash was impossible to accurately time with hand held stopwatches. With the advent of the electronic timer, accuracy was attained but cost of such units made it restrictive. We offer several types of wire and wireless timers that work for even the tightest of budgets. You no longer have to sacrifice accuracy for price.

Pro-Agility Run - This test measures lateral agility which is the ability of an athlete to change direction rapidly while maintaining balance without the loss of speed. This is why not all "fast" athletes make it in sports. The sense of balance and control of one's body during movement is critical to most sport performances. A perfect example of an athletic animal with this characteristic is the cheetah. Yes, it is fast, but what makes it a great hunter is its ability to quickly change direction during a run. Our wireless agility timers and reaction timers accurately measure directional movements as well as record dual time measurements for right and left movement tests. They also can record reaction times initiated by the sight of a light or sound.

Is strength a great predictor of athletic talent?

The answer is NOT ALWAYS.

In fact, many of the strength tests done at the University of Nebraska showed no correlation to athletic talent. Strength is important for success in most sports but it something that can be trained. Naturally strong athletes are not necessarily talented athletes for speed/power sports. Conversely, talented athletes can sometimes not be very strong when assessing for athletic talent. Do not get discouraged with this type of athlete. Remember, strength can be trained and improved.

How can you compare one athlete's performance to another and know who is the best athlete?

This is a question that many coaches, parents and recruiters struggle with. Athletes mature at various levels and master sport skills at different times.

Comparing athletes of similar ages at any set time can be challenging. A more accurate measure is comparing athletes based on bodyweight having them do the same standardized tests listed above.

This comparison system has been formulated into a highly successful package known as the EPIC Rating system. It utilizes a mathematical formula developed by Dr. Chris Eskridge and Mike Arthur at the University of Nebraska. Utilizing the (3) tests discussed previously, performance data is calculated with adjustment to bodyweight for either male or female athletes. Points are then assigned, much like a decathlon scoring system. It has been determined that athletes in various speed/power sports score differently. Our system can adjust for these performance and sport characteristics and give a Rating of Talent based on comparison of a huge data base of previously tested athletes.

Coaches and athletes can purchase Test Rating scores from EPIC Athletic Performance www.epicindex.com

Using the most advanced design technology in equipment and combined with a state of the art performance based testing system; let us help you take the guesswork out of predicting athletic talent.

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